Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

Your hair is soft and beautiful because your skin is worth taking care of. You can keep your hair healthy with a simple hair care routine. Experts advise not to rely too much on chemicals for hair care. Instead, find a treatment you can do at home. Many kitchen products help to fight against hair loss, dandruff and scalp infections.

Finest home remedies for hair growth:

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1. Amla to treat hair growth and thickness

Amla home remedies for damaged hair include:

Mix 2 teaspoons of amla powder, 2 teaspoons of shikakai powder and water to make a soft dough. Let it dry. Then wait 45 minutes. Then wash your hair with water. You can do it only once in a week.

Add 2 tsp coconut oil and 1 tsp amla powder and let it cool. Apply to the scalp for 10 minutes and wait 30 minutes. Do the dishes. Shampoo gently. You can do this two times a week.

The effect of Amla is anti-inflammatory. Experts believe this to be the most desirable natural ingredient for healthy hair. How come? Because amla contains fatty acids, it is believed to strengthen hair roots. Amla’s high vitamin C content can also slow bleaching. It is also rich in antioxidants such as ellagic acid, Gallic acid and carotene. The latter stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. These are also dandruff resistant.

2. Essential oil for hair growth and thickening of the cavity

Hair treatment requires the use of essential oils. Some species are admired for their magical hair.

lavender and rosemary

2 teaspoons of olive oil + 1/2 whistle of avocado. Add honey and eggs. Apply 10 drops of mixed rosemary and lavender oil to scalp and hair for 45 minutes. Even do it every week.

Rosemary and Lavender Rosemary contains an anti-inflammatory compound called carnosol, which helps maintain hormonal balance. It can reduce hair loss by stimulating the growth of hair follicles. The linalyl and linalyl acetate in lavender can strengthen hair follicles and stimulate hair follicles to promote hair growth.

3. Growth and thickness of hair treated with Jojoba oil

Massage your scalp with jojoba oil. It also helps with inflatable.

You can also use jojoba as a conditioner. Use the tip after shampooing.

Mix together the egg yolk, jojoba oil, honey and lemon juice. Then wait 45 minutes. Then apply shampoo.

Use of Jojoba

Soft emollient. It is also popular as a conditioner for damaged hair. It is also a preservative that helps keep your skin healthy. Jojoba helps to keep the scalp clean by removing dandruff and dust as well as the irritated stratum corneum of the scalp. It is also rich in vitamin E, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and contains antioxidants that help repair damaged hair. Jojoba oil can also clog hair follicles.

4. Juniper oil for hair growth and thinning thick grooves

Juniper oil is an antiseptic. Apply 4-5 drops of juniper essential oil to your scalp along with almond oil. message. Repeat this process for several weeks. Juniper oil is astringent. Juniper oil can promote hair growth by strengthening the hair roots. Using juniper oil on the scalp can help reduce acne breakouts. The antibacterial properties of essential oils prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria on the scalp. It collects waste products from the hair roots and prevents acne.

5. Coconut Oil for Hair Growth and Concentrate Drainage Treatment

Coconut oil has long been advertised as a miracle cure for hair.

Apply 2 tsp coconut oil, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp honey to hair and scalp. Wash off after 1 hour with a sulfate-free shampoo. It can help get rid of dandruff. Mix coconut oil and ripe bananas. Mix a little coconut milk. Used for hair and scalp. Leave the mixture for a while before shampooing. This prevents hair loss. Mix 1 egg and a spoonful of honey. Massage the scalp and hair. For best results, wait a few hours. Rinse as usual. This is a great hair treatment you can do at home. Mix coconut oil, almonds, argan and milk. Apply evenly to hair and scalp and leave overnight. Wash your hair with shampoo the next day. This treatment restores dry hair.

Uses of Coconut Oil: There are many reasons why people love coconut oil. Coconut contains antibacterial and antifungal properties to help prevent free radicals from stunting hair growth. Coconut oil increases the shine of dark hair.

6. Castor oil treatment for hair growth and thickening

6 tablespoons castor oil and 1 teaspoon methi seed Heat the mixture until golden and frothy. Scalp and hair massage. Wash off after 45 minutes. Use this mixture two times in a week for best results. This mask is ideal for straight hair. 5 teaspoons castor oil + 2 teaspoons mustard oil Massage on head and hair for 10 minutes and then wash it.

7. Castor oil for thick hair growth and home remedies

Use of castor oil

It has been used for centuries to treat damaged skin and hair loss. Castor oil is rich in protein, minerals and vitamin E which will do wonders for your hair. Castor oil also contains ricin oleic acid and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which increase blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth. Castor oil can also help treat skin rashes.

8. Shikakai and Retha clinic for hair growth and thickening

To prepare shikakai powder, you need to dry it in the sun and grind it in a blender. Pour this powder with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a bottle and keep the container cool and dark for 15 days. Use it twice a week to massage the scalp. Shikakai is an excellent home remedy for all hair types. It is a natural shampoo because it has a great ability to cleanse your hair. Hemp seed oil is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that can support your hair.

Retha Rinse (Soap Nuts)

Use Soap nut and Shikakai stitches. Boil in 500 liters of water. mix in the evening. Rinse and use as a shampoo. Use it regularly to get good results.

Reetha is a saponin that promotes healthy hair.


Some hair growth factors are beyond a person’s control, such as: B. Mutations. On the other hand, a healthy diet can improve hair growth. Hair thickness and growth can be improved with home remedies and proper hair care.

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