Dandruff Causes and its Best Solution

Dandruff Causes and its Best Solution

Dandruff feels uncomfortable. Itching, blurred vision, and general pain can cause discomfort. So I’ve been looking for dandruff treatment and home remedies for dandruff but nothing works! However, before you can find a good dandruff treatment, you must first determine the cause of your dandruff. This makes the treatment more effective and faster.

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What is dandruff?

Dead skin causes large clumps of sebum or white or gray areas on the scalp, skin or clothing. Peeling and itching are common symptoms of dandruff. Other symptoms of dandruff include red, greasy areas of skin and tingling of the scalp. Dandruff is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It affects people all over the world.

What is the cause of the appearance of dandruff and how to prevent it?

Malassezia Globosa is an oil-eating fungus found on the scalp of most adults and causes dandruff. When oil decomposes, oleic acid is produced as a by-product. Some people are allergic to oleic acid, which causes dry skin. The scalp is affected by these skin diseases. As the structure of the skin constantly changes, the cells are pushed out, die, and are shed. People with this condition experience skin aging in 2-7 days more than others, and dandruff affects about half of the world’s population.

Pay attention to the causes of dandruff.

When does dandruff usually appear?

Dandruff is often associated with puberty. When your hormones start to change, more oil on the scalp is produced by the dandruff-causing bacteria, Malassezia Globosa. This can happen when hormones change during stress.

Here are some things that can directly affect dandruff:

1) Your age

Dandruff usually occurs in early adulthood and continues into middle age.

2) Men

Because many men have dandruff, some researchers believe testosterone may be the cause.

3) Certain diseases

Dandruff can be caused by many factors, including Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases. A weak immune system makes a person disposed to dandruff.

4) Improper hair care

Dandruff can be caused by improper hair washing, e.g. B. by washing too much shampoo or not washing enough hair.

You don’t have to worry about dandruff or you already have it. There are proven treatments for dandruff. Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo is the best and easiest dandruff treatment.

Treatment at home

The topic of how to get rid of dandruff for a long time has not been answered. There is a solution. There are many ways to treat dandruff at home.

1. Use the right hair care products

Your body knows what it wants. So find a hair and scalp solution that will help you take optimal care of your scalp and hair. Luckily, dandruff, flaking, itching and dryness are easy to treat. Dandruff Shoulder Shampoo has been shown to be effective for all scalp and dandruff symptoms. With its anti-dandruff properties and excellent shine, Head & Shoulders Silky Smooth is an excellent choice for dry hair.

Different shampoos are available depending on your symptoms, hair type and beauty needs such as: B. thick and rich hair, soft and shiny hair. head & Dandruff shampoo contains pyrithione zinc, and hundreds of clinical trials have shown it to effectively eliminate dandruff with regular use.

2. Wash your hair regularly

If you are using shampoo to prevent dandruff, it is recommended to wash your hair with cold water at least 2-3 times a week.

3. Neem for dandruff

You may have heard of many home remedies or recipes for dandruff. The truth is that home remedies and neem packs may promise to help, but there’s no way to know for sure unless you regularly apply the paste, drink the juice, or chew the leaves. Most likely it will happen again.

Just put the head and amp together. A shoulder neem shampoo with the power of neem to eliminate dandruff in one wash.

4. Wear a hat or other hat

Anything that helps keep your hair covered will help prevent oil buildup. Wear a hat, scarf, or sweater when you go out.

5. Don’t scratch.

If you don’t want to dig, don’t dig.

Scratching will only make the condition worse, as it removes the parts of the skin affected by dandruff, causing bleeding, pain and redness.

6. Eat healthy foods

Whatever you do, your diet matters. A healthy and balanced diet with a minimum of added sugars, carbohydrates and dairy products can help improve the texture and quality of your skin.

7. Do a clean scan.

Keep your scalp and hair clean and healthy. If you sweat a lot or spill something, wash it off as soon as possible. Dandruff can spread when harmful products are left on the scalp for too long.

8. Hair tips

Combing your hair helps get rid of dead cells by increasing blood flow. I also wash my duster from time to time to avoid overuse.

9. Reduce stress

The root cause of oleic acid sensitivity is believed to be intrinsic. Stress and a sedentary lifestyle lead to the development of dandruff and the appearance of redness, itching and blisters on the scalp.

10. Take care of your hair

You determine a good haircut yourself based on your hair and scalp type. Depending on whether your scalp is dry, oily or cracked, you can choose a shampoo that will help eliminate dandruff in just one wash. One of the best dandruff remedies is Head & shoulders. The world’s most popular dandruff shampoo with many options to choose from depending on your hair style, scalp and hair quality.


Dandruff is a fungal overgrowth caused by excess oil or bacteria buildup on the scalp. Hair dandruff does not directly but indirectly arise from a condition in which the scalp is scaly. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use shampoo regularly. Damaged hair should be washed daily with a shampoo containing substances such as ketoconazole, selenium sulfide or zinc.

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