Best Exercises you do if you have Back Problems

Best Exercises you do if you have Back Problems

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After an injury, you should regain movement and strength as soon as possible. This helps the tissue rebuild and allows you to move more. You may not be able to quickly return to your previous activity routine, which may be slow at first. On the other hand, a gradual return to normal activity is the best strategy to achieve good short-term results after a recurrence.

Pelvic lift is an exercise for the lower back.

Hyperthermic muscles are one of the most important muscles to consider when treating back pain. This is the small spine that lies from spine to spine and between the ribs. Its function is to prevent the spine from moving forward due to the movement and gravity of other spines. In this way, the hyperthermic muscles are trained to lift the abdomen and move faster. To get started, lie on your back with your knees bent. Then, cross your arms around your chest so you don’t have to move in a way that disables the exercise. Finally, lift your middle towards the ceiling or the sky and hold for 10 seconds to complete the exercise. Repeat this exercise twice a day in groups of 10 times.

Leg Slide

The axial bones and the muscles around the spine form the central structure. This is one of the best exercises for strengthening the back and core. First, lie with your back against the wall. Place your hands on your hip bones and maintain a neutral spine. It’s important to keep your feet firmly planted on the floor while bending your knees. Straighten your right leg and flex your abs as you push your heel toward the floor, exhaling as you move your heel. You then want to return to where you started. Repeat this exercise 6 to 8 times for each leg.

Legs above the Hips

Tired of back pain? Butt leg bridges are a great way to build and overcome difficulties. The hip bridge exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the back, including the legs, backsides, and thighs. This is an easy task. The first step is to lie on the floor with your arms at your sides. Your knees should be bent, but your feet should be on the floor. This is a great exercise for straightening your shoulders and lifting your hips while staying on the floor. Hold the stomach in this position for 20 to 30 seconds.

The upper body supports

The important muscles in your back and allows you to stand for long periods of time without feeling tired. To start, lie on your stomach. Place your hands behind your head to raise your upper body. (This also covers the arms.) Keep your feet planted firmly on the floor during this exercise. You should do this exercise at least 10 times. With more practice, increase the reps to 15 or 20 and do 3 sets of 15 or 20 reps. Perform these activities at least twice a day in the morning and evening.

Get on your hands and knees

The more you fear bending your hands and knees, the more uncomfortable your back will be. It is important to arch your back to keep it straight and safe. First, you need to bend your neck and chest a little. Then bend down. Keep your back away from your hips as you touch your toes. This is a great exercise that allows you to lift your body without using your hands. This helps strengthen the core and makes bending easier. It’s normal for your muscles to feel a little stiff, like when you bend your knees or walk.

Bird Dog

 The new flying dog improves stability and balance the more you practice. This exercise also strengthens the hamstrings and buttocks. ride on all fours. Spread your legs back and bend your feet in front of your body. When you’re done, pull your left arm forward with your thumb up.

At this time, tighten the abdominal muscles to stabilize the left shoulder so that it does not fall into a bad position. Stay in this position for 10-30 seconds, then change direction and repeat on the other side.


 Physical activity can help people with back pain build and maintain muscle mass. Walking has been shown to improve many health problems, including recovery. The cost of commuting, labor and labor will not be enough. To reap the cardiovascular benefits of walking, you need to walk for at least 20-30 minutes without stopping. If you get tired along the way, turn on some music and have fun. It helps to speed up the timing a bit while you’re on the road.

Crunches involving only a portion of the body

 Crunches are just one part of your body, half crunches help strengthen your back and abs. This exercise is considered quite safe for people with back problems. First, lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Crossing your arms from your back or chest is two possible options. Then, while exhaling, lift your shoulders off the floor to contract your muscles. Hold that position for a short time before going down to the floor. This exercise should be repeated 8-12 times. Do not lead with your elbows or attack with your arms.

Wall Sits

Sitting against a wall is another easy and safe exercise that people with back problems can do. To start, leave 10 to 12 inches from the wall. Then, lean your back against a wall until your back is flat and straight. You should press your back against the wall as you slowly slide down the wall until your knees are bent. Your posture should give you the feeling of sitting in an invisible chair. Push the wand back to the standing position to hold that position for 10 seconds. This exercise should be repeated 8 to 12 times.

 Back stretching

According to research, this back stretching exercise can help reduce back discomfort as well as the degree of disability from back injuries. If possible, sleep with your arms at your side. Seriously, now you need to keep your arms at your sides for this exercise. Use your back muscles to lift your head and shoulders off the floor to complete the movement. When finished, slowly lower your body to the floor. repeatedly.


It is important to pay attention to the intensity of pain, especially in the early stages, when exercising at the end. These exercises can make symptoms worse in the early stages. However, exercise can be difficult, and regular exercise can help improve recovery.

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